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aviva brooks visual artist contemporary art oil painting photography cross-disciplinary artist silk-screen acrylic 

series. Me2

date. 2009

“I could have become the person I “should” have become in New York. But I forgot to leave Paris. That day, my life changed paths. And the funny thing is that this path crosses others, lots of others, that are where they are also by chance or a split-second decision.

These are photos of me, they’ve become photos of us.”

In 2009, during an artist residency, she took a look at her childhood friends’ lives in New York and brought back a series of photos that, although very personal at first, touched on a more widely shared feeling: apparently, a lot of us often ask ourselves “What would my life be like if…?” It’s about the life that we didn’t live, our “normal”, that in turn - and with time - became a fantasy of its own, and to which we often refer in our moments of reflection.

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