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A cross-disciplinary American artist, Aviva draws on the contrast between American and French cultures, she explores the interstices, the tension that separates – or unites – the visual and the written, the action and the thought, the energetic immediacy and the distant elegance, the present and the past, childhood and adulthood, American black or white and European shades of grey.

On her way, she paints artifacts from the passage of time, thus documenting the tipping point where an era becomes the “past” : telephone booths, public benches, Volkswagen "combis", neon signs...


In addition, Aviva works with Parisian hospitals to transform their environment incorporating soothing and uplifting art into waiting rooms, examining rooms, and patient rooms.

Aviva Brooks Studio View 1

American, lives and works in Paris @ Poush Manifesto

Techniques: Oil, Acrylic, photography, silk-screen, gel transfer, digital, mixed-media

Aviva Brooks SVA Residency New York studio

aviva brooks visual artist contemporary art oil painting photography cross-disciplinary artist silk-screen acrylic 

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